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Upside Down. by Yukariius Upside Down. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 0 2
Twisted images crafted by a horrid figure,
Plaguing more than you would think.
Too many crying eyes that constantly disfigure.
Take a breath and try to blink.
Evil goliath creatures with tongues that shall lie,
Whispering to broken girls.
Every doubt is amplified to depths that whisk by,
Forcing tears down brimful curls.
Evenings are followed with a desperate mind’s eye,
It cries on vanity’s base.
Each one of Job’s comforters gone with a sigh,
She lifts the mirror’s dirty gaze.
Vacant eyes stare ahead at the rigid corners,
Wets streaks, and a sorrowed face.
Vacillating from thirty pieces of silver,
To call others from this place.
Sought out to deny the truth and believe the fake,
Girls paranoid to their fears.
Sentiments leading to an internal heart ache,
Silencing jovial cheers.
Twisted images believed from a horrid figure,
Plaguing more than you would hope.
Too many crying eyes that will always disfigure.
Take a breath and learn to cope.
:iconyukariius:Yukariius 2 5
Seraphic. by Yukariius Seraphic. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 0 11
Not Sure Yet.
00. I   d u n n o   y e t .
Both tires on the monster below hissed as they came to halt. I was thankful I was the first person at the stoplight; I could in no way trust myself to stop soon enough behind another car. Certainly not on a slick road at two in the morning.
I couldn’t determine which was shaking more: my body itself, or the newly-purchased beast it sat upon. Sitting up slowly, I straightened my back. Due to my pessimistic attitude towards my abilities, it had been arched painfully the entire ride.

Why did I talk myself into buying a motorcycle?

Completely distracted by the lethal situation I willingly plunged myself into, I had forgotten just how bitter the February night was; a record low temperature. A blockade of icy air smacked into my face and blew the strands of hair to the side, tickling my ear. Various curse words flew from my mouth and swept off with the wind as I felt my face slowly succumb to a numbing sensation.
:iconyukariius:Yukariius 0 10
Seraphim. by Yukariius Seraphim. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 4 23 Positive. by Yukariius Positive. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 0 32 Hedge Clippers. by Yukariius Hedge Clippers. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 1 0 Topsy Turvy. by Yukariius Topsy Turvy. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 0 8 Silver Lace. by Yukariius Silver Lace. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 1 6 On an Index. by Yukariius On an Index. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 2 2 AH2: Homosexuality. by Yukariius
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AH2: Homosexuality. :iconyukariius:Yukariius 0 2
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Space efficient since 1993.

It's moved! To my newer account.

Sooooo. The plot has been revised and I hope to post it up sometime soon.

Just wanted to let everyone knowww. (:


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never-been-kissed Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
i think you should post more often...................

like the girl with the good looking kirsten stewart face.....the face she would have if she were pretty.....

(i use ... too much) mrs fite would blow a cap, and talk for an hour about the proper use of ellipses....its gotten to the point where i see them in a book were required to read and i flinch
never-been-kissed Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Yukariius Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Note me then.
never-been-kissed Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
yes. if you want to you can call me and i'll explain it...i don't want to leave a possible hint for anything on your page
Yukariius Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2009
Anything come to mind?
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